The year 2017 is a big one for Lutherans: it is the 500th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door, sparking the Protestant Reformation. One group of Lutheran teachers, pastors and lay people is calling for an Eco-Reformation of similar magnitude.

“Our church needs a New Reformation as radical and transformative as the first one in the sixteenth century,” declares an essay on the Lutherans Restoring Creation site. “We need to address the signal issue of our time (the restoration of Earth), as the sixteenth century reformation addressed their signal issue of that time (the salvation of the individual). We need to shift from being human-centered in our understanding of salvation to being Earth-centered in a way that seeks the well-being of all Earth Community.”  Read more

The 500th anniversary of the Mennonite Church follows in 2025. How might we build on this idea?