The Greener Congregation Score Sheet can help you evaluate your present attention to creation care and plan for the future. Below are the areas covered along with links to discussion guides. You do not need to use the discussion guides to complete the score sheet; they are extra help as needed.

Score Sheet Discussion Guides

Download all discussion guides in one document. (15 pages)

Vision for Creation Care

Stewardship of creation is named in the congregation’s mission and core values. People understand caring for the earth as a key part of the Christian calling.

Creation Care Leaders

The congregation includes people with a passion and gifts for guiding the church in earth stewardship practices. These people are recognized and the congregation has formally blessed their gifts.


The worship experiences of the congregation recognize God’s care for all created things. Caring for creation is addressed in sermons and appears in visual elements, in sharing times, in confessions, in song.

Creation Care in Congregational Life

Groups and committees consider environmental impacts when making decisions. Structures are in place to enable practices such as recycling, carpooling, buying recycled materials.

Ecological Setting

The congregation has an awareness of its place in the local ecosystems, watershed and foodshed. Local soils, plants and animals are familiar to members and they understand how to be careful stewards in this setting. Members are aware of the environmental issues in their community.

 Buildings and Energy 

The stewardship of your congregation includes evaluating energy uses in the church building. The facilities committee has established a historical baseline of heating, cooling and lighting costs.

Creation Care in Daily Living

Members are routinely challenged to adopt earth stewardship practices at home. Individuals have moved toward lower consumption lifestyles in the last five years.

Practicing Eco-Justice

The congregation is aware that poor communities bear the brunt of many environmental problems. The congregation participates in mission activities that promote ecological justice within the local community and beyond.

Creation Care Plan

The congregation has developed a comprehensive plan for reducing the ecological and carbon footprint of all areas of congregational life.