Below are resources created by Mennonite Creation Care Network staff, council members or interns. They are listed from most recent to oldest.

Considering Solar? A Guide for Churches

By Karla Kauffman, 2022

Produced by MCCN to share knowledge gleaned from recipients of MCCN Net Zero Energy Grants and alert faith communities to provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act that make solar more affordable for nonprofits.


Stewarding Church Land

By Andrew Hudson and Jennifer Schrock, 2022

Discussion guides for a two-session discussion about the land or neighborhood your church inhabits, plus ideas for a church garden. There is a version for churches that own property and a version for those that don’t. 


Creation Care Action Plans

by Katie Isaac

The action plans grow out of careful interviewing with a variety of churches. 

At the time, Katie was part of the Climate Futures Fellowship program, Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions, 2020. 


Caring for the Earth: Top Priorities

What is most worth doing, environmentally speaking? This communication tool for churches names broad areas and suggests ways to work at these at the personal, congregational or community-wide and national levels. Produced in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions, 2021.


God’s Green Church: Becoming a Creation Care Congregation

Created by students from The King’s University, Edmonton, in a course taught by Joanne Moyer. Sponsored by Mennonite Church Canada’s Sustainability Leadership Group, 2021.


Caring for Creation: Naming Our Gifts

Provides a listing of gifts that are part of caring for creation. The page provides language for our differing temperaments and the ways we can work together for the common good, 2017. 


Creation Care Primer

Joanne Moyer of MCCN worked with Mennonite Church Canada to produce this four-page booklet providing creation care resources and a list of faith-based environmental initiatives in Canada, 2014.


Every Creature Singing: Embracing the Good News for Planet Earth

By Jennifer Schrock

A thirteen-session curriculum designed to help congregations connect their faith with their place. Where in your circle of influence is creation struggling? What spiritual practices might help us care for the earth? U.S. edition, 2014; Canadian edition, 2016. 

U.S. Leaders Guide………Canadian edition of ECS


Greener Congregation Score Sheet

By Luke Gascho

This short assessment can help you to evaluate your current attention to creation care and to plan for the future. Churches who use this tool tell us they are glad they did. Discussion guides for each category are also available, 2008.


Creation Care: Keepers of the Earth

By Luke Gascho

A Christian education curriculum for small group study. How can Christians put their faith into practice on issues like air and water quality, energy use, and the climate? Mennonite Mutual Aid Living Stewardship Series, 2008.


Earth Trek: Celebrating and Sustaining God’s Creation

By Joanne Moyer

Uses the seven days of creation as a basis for exploring the aspects of our created world, how it is threatened, what is being done to protect it. It also includes actions that individuals, households, and congregations can take to live more sustainably on the Earth, 2004.