How is Everence connected to the Mennonite Creation Care Network?

When MCCN was formed in 2005, Everence became one of two sponsors for the fledgling organization. As the stewardship agency of the Mennonite Church USA, Everence seemed like a logical institutional home for stewardship of creation.

Each year, Everence provides an operating budget for MCCN out of its sharing fund. This covers advertising, meeting expenses, council members’ travel to the annual meeting and $5000 toward the leader’s salary. Everence also provides some staff support, since donations and invoices are processed there. A representative from Everence serves on the Creation Care Council. From 2005 to 2018, this was Jim Smith. Since 2018, Marlene Kroeker serves in this role. Annual meetings take place at Everence headquarters in Goshen.

How does Everence express its commitment to environmental stewardship?

 Everence lists caring for creation as one of its primary stewardship investing principles. This is expressed through investment choices, shareholder advocacy and community development investing.

  • Environmental responsibility is one of the issues Everence evaluates before including a company in its socially responsible funds.
  • Shareholder advocacy involves dialog with companies they own—challenging harmful activities and encouraging positive social change.
  • Everence also invests a percentage of its assets in community development, empowering disadvantaged individuals and communities.

What is an example of Everence’s shareholder advocacy?

 In fall 2018, NiSource, a major gas and electric utility, announced a plan to retire all its coal generation plants by 2028 and shift to renewable energy. While many factors may have contributed to the decision, Everence was engaged behind the scenes.

For two years preceding this decision, Praxis Mutual Funds® led a shareholder dialogue with NiSource. Discussion focused on climate change scenario planning, greenhouse gas emissions reductions and coal reduction. Read more

What is an example of Everence’s community development investing?

Everence invests in Envirofit, an organization that increases access to energy-efficient cooking methods around the world. Their cookstoves save money, reduce indoor air pollution, reduce CO2 emissions and cut down on deforestation. Read more