by Jennifer Schrock
Leader, Mennonite Creation Care Network

During the month of September, I decided to track the number of queries I fielded in my role as leader of Mennonite Creation Care Network. At the end of the month, I had heard from over 40 different people. Some were seeking resources; others offered them. Some were wrestling with issues such as climate change or socially responsible investing; others wrote to share projects and progress in their own communities.

I’m proud of the many ways Mennonite churches are responding to God’s call to care for the earth. At MCCN, we stitch together the individual efforts of widely scattered congregations and amplify their impact. We believe that care of the earth is part of the core identity of the Christian faith and we strive to communicate that coherence to others as well.

In the past year, MCCN helped two more churches go solar; added an award to recognize exemplary work at the congregational level and added a small grants program for congregations. During the last 15 months, we also provided background support and some input to the pastoral retreats on climate change funded by our partner, the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions. These reached 87 participants representing 60 congregations.

Your financial support is a great encouragement to us. If you’d like to support our work, visit our donation page or send a check to Mennonite Creation Care Network, P.O. Box 263, Wolf Lake, Ind.  46796.