Taos, NM        Sept 8-15, 2018

A week-long immersion in the wild to bring out the deep wisdom, fierce joy, and sacred strength of men aged 18-70. Highlights include homemade meals in an adobe hacienda, visiting Taos Pueblo, encountering Earthships, plunging into the waters and canyons of the Rio Grande Gorge, exploring hot springs, wilderness solos, songs and campfires, morning meditations, and biblical analysis in wild places–all designed to open radically new possibilities for men seeking a wilder way of fierce love for God, humanity, and our precious earth. Guided by Todd Wynward. 


  • How can we nurture rooted relationships and practice radical discipleship?
  • How can we be in today’s consumer culture but not tamed by it?

Todd Wynward says: “I live in two worlds, striving to follow the radical Jesus while still being shackled to consumerism, security, affluence and busyness. Maybe you do too. We are the tribe of the semi-transformed, the halfway-there, the partially-free. We want to live more transformatively, but we’ve made important life commitments—meaningful vocations, rooted relationships, home mortgages, community involvements—that we don’t intend to break.  more info