Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Cedar Grove, NC, is an example of the church in Acts that finds joy in serving and fellowship. The Community Farm is home to chickens, pigs, cattle and the Anathoth Gardens. The garden is run by a director, two managers and two interns and looks to the community for help in planting and harvesting for a mere $5 fee. Families and friends may also gather at the garden for potluck dinners, children’s programs and classes such as “Gardening in the Gloaming.” Gloaming is Old English for “dusk” or “twilight” and reminds one of the time of day when God meandered through the Garden of Eden. This class plants a small demonstration bed and delights in poetry and conversation.

The Anathoth Gardens is a model for community gardening throughout the nation.

This reader wishes to come alongside and sift her hands through the dirt with community members. Gardening in the gloaming sounds glorious.