River clean-up group

A group from Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Fellowship poses with the trash they collected from the Ottaquechee River near their church.

The tail slap of a beaver kicked off the first river-clean up, and a bottle in the shape of a flamingo became a figurehead for the second. These are two of the “treasures” Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Church, Taftsville, Vt., discovered while serving the Ottaquechee River, just a quarter mile from their church.

The congregation held two river clean-ups in response to Mennonite Creation Care Network’s summer 2018 river challenge. The first was geared toward walkers and involved a river road. The second was geared toward paddlers.

“None of us were previously aware there was a neighborhood beaver,” Heather Wolfe, Taftsville’s creation care liaison reported. They shared the river with painted turtles and saw an eagle as well.


Kayaker with river trash

Melissa, a kayak enthusiast, scouted different stretches of the Ottaquechee River in preparation for the Taftsville clean-up.






Artists with river collage

Lynda (an artist who lives next to the Ottaquechee) created a collage of the river with young helpers Norah and Helen. The collage is made of repurposed paper and the frame was salvaged from the dump.

bankside clean up

Jane scrambles down a steep, poison ivy invested river bank to harvest litter on a landside leg of Taftsville’s river clean-up.