Over the past year, a small group at Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship in Boise, Idaho, has focused on the idea of becoming “Energy Saints.” Their goal is to actively reduce energy consumption in their congregation. Biking to church and work, using LED lights, weatherizing houses for winter and working with individual households to track electricity usage are just a few examples of how these “Energy Saints” are caring for creation. More ideas

The group began studying the Creation Care Network’s curriculum, “Every Creature Singing: Embracing the Good News for Planet Earth” last summer.

One member of this group, Roger Piper-Ruth, wrote an “Energy Saints” theme song, and his daughter Lauresta Welty gathered pictures from people in the congregation engaging in “Energy Saint” activities. Together with her husband Justin, Lauresta created a slide show to go along with the song. It was a hit at Hyde Park Mennonite and they are excited to share it with the wider Creation Care Network and Mennonite community. We’re proud to have the Energy Saints as a 100-Shades of Green congregation.

View the “Energy Saints” YouTube video here
Song written by Roger Piper-Ruth
Video produced by Lauresta and Justin Welty
Featuring pictures from “Energy Saints” at Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship