Leslie James of Hope Mennonite Church in Wichita, Kans., shared this photograph of a quilted wall hanging she created for a worship series on the Psalms.

She and an artistic partner, Joanna Pinkerton, designed five works of art for the series.  This is the centerpiece. Leslie says:

“I wanted a unique central panel that got to the heart of the Psalms of creation and God’s all-encompassing majesty.

“The organizing design is an equilateral spiral, also known as the golden ratio, golden mean, or divine proportion. The golden spiral is a shape–a proportion–very much in evidence in God’s creation, from the infinitesimal to the infinite and is emblematic of balance, harmony, mystery and wonder.

“The Hebrew word at the center is “You”, a word used for God throughout the Psalms. The words on the outer border are attributes of God. At the top, steadfast love. Moving clockwise: righteousness, wondrous and faithfulness.”

Leslie is a retired medical librarian and worship planner as well as the co-author, with Karmen Krahn, of Proclamation by Design: The Visual Arts in Worship. (Faith and Life Resources, 2008.)

quilted wall hanging