CreationCare is a glossy 4-color, 48-page magazine published by the Evangelical Environmental Network. Each issue contains a news digest on recent environmental happenings, at least one article on biblical interpretation, at least one article exploring aspects of ecology.  Recent articles included: “The Environmental Vision of C.S. Lewis,”  “The First 100 Days: What the next president must do to get us on the green track,”  “It’s a Frog’s Life [learning frog calls]” “No Idle Concern” [a father’s fight against diesel bus fumes]. Climate change and environmental justice are frequent themes. Contributors include Brian McClaren, Jim Ball, Peter Illyn, Tim Keyes.

This reader is challenged by the range of topics covered, engaged by the attractive layout, bothered by an excess of male God language, wishing she had time to read more anyway. – JHS, 2008


Available on the web in .pdf form but takes some dedication to read it by browser.