Drift Creek Nature Center, located in Oregon, is dedicated to “developing awareness, appreciation and stewardship of Creation through education, exploration and interaction with nature.” The website is simple and thorough with information on the Drift Creek Camp, outdoor school groups and adult education programs. The website displays a database of 393 print materials which is available at the center and a “reading list” of suggested reading material on creation care offered by Friends of Drift Creek Nature Center. Bioblitz, an event exploring biodiversity, is worth further exploration.
A unique aspect, Drift Creek Nature Center offers a collection of Mennonite Writings on creation care with titles such as “Why I am an Environmentalist,” “Peacemaking and the Care of Creation,” and “Ten Scriptural Themes for Ecological Living.”

This reader wishes a trip to Drift Creek Nature Center was possible.


For the collection of Mennonite Writings: