Next March, registered Energy and Spirit groups will receive a request for a final report, due April 15. You can request the form from any time if you finish earlier. The final report will ask for the following:

Part 1: Participation grants for youth

Please include the following information regarding any high school youth in the classes of 2025-2027 who were actively engaged in this challenge. Do not include occasional drop-ins or members with both infrequent attendance and minimal contributions.

Name of participant______________________

Email of participant______________________

Year participant will graduate from high school_______________________


Part 2: Application for group prizes 

The group leader submits this application. It will request:

  • One-paragraph description of the church’s activities or accomplishments. Who or what do you hope will benefit?
  • One-paragraph description of the role that youth played
  • One paragraph from a pastor or other church leader who was not directly involved with the project. How does this person view the young people’s participation in this process and its contribution to the church?
  • For the Energy Challenge, do some math: Document quantifiable changes in carbon footprint if possible (i.e. projections from a solar installer or summary of carbon footprint work.) How much carbon do you think your actions will keep out of the air per year?
  • For the Spirit Challenge, explain why the project you chose seemed like the right one for your context.
  • Two to three photos. Submitting a given photo indicates that the people in the photo and their parents have given permission for it to be used in church media. List the full name of people in the foreground of each picture.

If you are selected for a group prize, does your group have an idea what nature experience within 200 miles of your church you would select? Thinking about this early may help motivate your group.


Judging Rubric

Judges awarding group prizes for exceptional work will be asked to consider the following:

Both Challenges

  • Was the project a congregation-based intergenerational effort where youth or young adults played a valuable role? Are the young people who are applying in dialog with a broader congregation that can strengthen and support their ideas?
  • Is the environmental impact short term or likely to have longer term benefits? If the project is still in process, does it have a reasonable chance of continuing after April?
  • Did the process include spiritual discernment and faith-based discussion that deepened participants’ understanding of following Jesus in the 21st century?
  • Did the group leader submit a completed form and follow directions and deadlines?

Energy Challenge

  • Does the project represent significant carbon savings, and has the group documented this in a thoughtful way?

Spirit Challenge

  • Did the group choose a project that addresses significant needs in their community that involve both people and the broader creation?
  • Does their report explain how their project is connected to climate change?

NOTE: Energy & Spirit Grants are awarded to all high school youth who are listed by their leaders as participants and who apply to a participating college. The award is based on participation, not merit.