What are some friendly, failure-free ways my congregation can explore creation care?

In Marie Fleming’s very practical workshop, “Making the Most of Every Growing Space,” she shares ideas from her own experiences in two congregations. Here are a few examples:

  • For a children’s sermon: Bring in a dead bouquet of native flowers and say to the children, “This may look like yesterday, but it is actually tomorrow.” Shake out the seeds and talk about seed saving and God’s care for wildflowers.
  • When I was Young in the Mountains: In Cynthia Rylant’s classic book by this title, the narrator reminisces about outdoor experiences in an Appalachian setting. Have people develop their own sense of place by naming and remembering their own childhood ecosystems. Everyone then makes a page entitled, “When I was young in ___________.
  • Sustainable Skills Series: Hold a summer Christian education class based on skills present in your congregation that someone is willing to teach. Recycling various materials, preserving food and gardening are some examples. Rotating leadership should make it easy to find teachers.

Fleming observed that since most people like to garden and everyone has a special place in nature, these ideas work well with nearly everyone.