Don’t be a fossil fool
There is no PLANet B
Jobs. Justice. Clean energy.

Signs like these were sprinkled throughout the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21.  These, along with a generally energetic crowd, kept those of us going despite being on our feet for eight hours. What a powerful experience it was to be with more than 300,000 people raising their voices to express their love and concern for our planet.

The crowd was a mix of people of all ages with a wide range of representation, from First Nations peoples to concerned scientists to groups of grandmothers.  Mary Lou Houser from Community Mennonite Church in Lancaster, PA, carried a poster that said “Ferocious Love.” This clearly attracted many people’s attention. Ferocious love–this love that we have for God’s work and God’s creatures.  It’s what drives us to respond for the sake of the little children in our lives as well as the least of these around the world.

While we were all at the march for a common cause—to address worldwide climate change—people approached this in many ways. Some groups advocated for clean renewable energy, some for veganism, others for conservation of resources. The most common sign was one that allowed the carrier to fill in the blank, “I’m marching for _____”.  What would you say you are marching for?  by Marlisa Yoder-Bontrager, East Chestnut Mennonite Church