Goshen College hosted the May meeting of the Sustainable Business Roundtable in Michiana, sharing their green practices on campus. And why not when the president, faculty, staff and academic departments are joining together to advance them? The most innovative practice at Goshen College began developing in 1990. The energy management system is monitored on a hand-held computer which notifies the on-call personnel of campus “emergencies” such as an open window over Christmas break or humidity flocculation. Carefully monitored scheduling of lights, heating and air conditioning has caused decreased energy consumption so that Goshen College is using no more energy today than in 1994 despite the increasing dependence on technology.

Managing energy consumption is not the only area where Goshen College is practicing sustainability. Goshen College currently uses biodiesel fuel from the kitchen’s cooking oil waste and has plans to develop solar hot water heating as well as prairie grass plantings to absorb water run-off. Read More