Director of Maintenance Craig Sensenig is shown washing a Landis Homes vehicle with the new system.

LITITZ, PA.  Landis Homes Retirement Community recently opened two Rainwater Car Wash stations for use by all residents.  The two stations, located in a parking area, use water collected from the roofs of the two new hybrid homes.

A rainwater eco-friendly car wash is one of the best types of car washes because it contains fewer harmful chemicals or sediments that come from public water sources.

The water is stored in underground tanks, then used to wash cars and water plants.  It is good for the earth as it saves drinking water by using non-potable water for washing cars.

The hybrid homes, which are in line to receive a LEED certification for environmentally sustainable design, are just one part of the green program at Landis Homes.

Opened in 1964, Landis Homes has 665 retired persons living in cottages, hybrid homes, apartments, suites, personal care and healthcare.  Another 100 persons are served on a weekly basis in one of the two adult day centers on the 114-acre campus, which is surrounded by Lancaster County farmland.