Mennonite Central Committee publishes a journal entitled Intersections. Its editors are planning a focus on climate change adaptation for the Summer 2017 issue. They invited Mennonite Creation Care Network to contribute an article.

“What are North American Mennonites doing about climate change?” they wondered. Therefore, I (Jennifer Schrock) am looking for congregations that have taken some action related to climate change, such as public witness, education, conserving energy or installing solar panels. Be aware that I will be tapping the shoulders of congregations whose actions come to mind. But I might not know what your church has done. Read the synopsis I submitted and let me know if your congregation should be included.

If you personally have insights on the questions listed in the synopsis, you are welcome to send them also.

Article Synopsis for Intersections Issue on Climate Change Mitigation

Mennonite Creation Care Network (MCCN) encourages congregations in the Mennonite Church Canada and the Mennonite Church USA to embrace theological resources for caring for the earth, embrace their own watersheds and act faithfully in light of current environmental challenges. While MCCN has not focused specifically on climate change, some of its member congregations have taken steps toward climate change mitigation. These include installing solar panels, conserving energy, public witness and education. What motivated these congregations to act while many North Americans still enjoy the luxury of ignoring climate change? This article will analyze responses to the following questions from members of five to eight MCCN congregations:

• To what extent did biblical/theological reflection and convictions contribute to actions taken related to climate change?
• To what extent did the influence of a strong leader or leaders within the congregation contribute?
• To what extent did a relationship with the local landscape and/or concrete experience with climate change contribute?
• To what extent did adequate financial resources make a difference?
• How did you maintain hope that your action was worth taking in the face of a global problem?

These small success stories may help clarify what congregations are capable of contributing in the face of climate change and what steps organizations that want to encourage them should pursue next.