MCCN’s Creation Care Council gathered for its annual face-to-face meeting May 5 to 6. One of the decisions we made together was to focus our energies on raising our profile rather than starting any new projects at present. Many Mennonites are not aware we exist, let alone others beyond our denominational fold who could benefit from our resources.

To the extent we are able, we will buy advertising. At this moment, I am considering investing in one ad that will cost over $500. But there is a more effective method of advertising that you can help us with: word of mouth.

When I was interviewing some of our congregations about their work with climate change, I was struck by the number of times announcements came up as means creation care leaders kept the rest of the congregation on board with their projects. On the other hand, sometimes I run into members of one of our Green Patchwork congregations who have no idea their church is a part of our network.

Would you like to make a $500 gift to MCCN at no cost to your bank account? Below is a basic announcement that you could slip into your church announcement sheet. If you find something of use on our website or our Facebook page, pass it along or mention it in conversation.

Need help maintaining a simple lifestyle? Not sure what stewardship of the Earth means for ____(your congregation)? Visit Mennonite Creation Care Network’s website to learn how churches are embracing the good news for planet earth. Join the network and receive a monthly E-newsletter. 

We thank you for your help in sharing your interest in the good news God has for all of creation.