What the Paris Agreement Does and Doesn’t Do
If you are still trying to figure out what the Paris climate talks accomplished, here is an easy-to-read summary from 350.org.

Fast for the Climate
At this site you can sign up to join thousands of people around the world in fasting once a month as a way of calling for action on climate change. The suggested fast day is the 1st of the month.

Pilgrimages for Climate

The Paris Climate Talks drew many pilgrims who showed their commitment and raised awareness by walking to Paris. As one walker put it, they were “praying with their feet.” One large pilgrimage, organized by Catholics, set out from Rome, crossed the Alps and arrived in Paris 900 miles later. Meanwhile, a group of Christians walked from London. Both groups were outdone by the Pole to Paris runners, two climate scientists who ran or cycled to Paris, beginning as close to the poles as was practical. One launched from northern Norway; the other from New Zealand.

Operation Noah
This is a Christian organization specifically focused on climate change. Its tag line is, “Faith motivated, science informed, Hope inspired.” Their site offers practical and academic resources and suggests ways people can become a prophetic voice for climate change.