A message from MCCO:

Help Win Solar Panels for MCC!!!
MCC Ontario has entered the Watt’s Next video contest to win a 10kW solar panel (valued at $70,000!) and all we have to do to win… is WATCH IT.  Easy.

Most views = WIN.

We have until September 24 to rack up as many views as we can so please:
1) Watch this video a couple times a day every day until Sept 24th.

2) Share this video on your facebook pages, blogs, and email lists to any and all … and encourage them to do step 1)

MCCO is committed to caring for our creation and winning this solar panel would really help put a boost to our eco-initiatives …

It has never been easier to REALLY help out MCC… no work, no donations, no volunteer hours… all it takes is a bunch of clicking and sharing. THANK YOU!