by Darren Kropf, Creation Care Crossroads

Mennonite Central Committee Ontario has “greened” the electricity of its 50 Kent office in Kitchener by purchasing renewable energy from Bullfrog
Power. Bullfrog Power provides renewable energy for
homes and businesses in Ontario, through the regular
distribution grid.

Without any hardware installations or
changes to your regular utility, Bullfrog simply agrees to
feed an amount of renewable energy into the grid that is
equivalent to your buildings’ needs. While Bullfrog does
charge a premium price for its wind and low-impact hydro
electricity, MCC is committed to investing the extra cost
to protect God’s creation and our global neighbours
affected by climate change.
Through Bullfrog Power, MCC is lowering its carbon
emissions on a yearly basis by 19.2 tonnes, about the
equivalent of 19 flights from Toronto to Calgary. We also
prevent 56.8 Kg of sulphur dioxide and 24.5 Kg of nitric
oxide, which are major contributors to smog.
To bullfrogpower your house, apartment, workplace or
church building, see