Meet three environmentally-minded Canadians featured in the Canadian Mennonite in the last nine months. You might also learn how to raise monarchs, grow vegetables and improve your mental health. Thanks to CM for sharing these stories.

Butterfly Whisperer Aids Monarchs in Windsor
Susan Harrison, Windsor, Ont.

Vegetable Academy is a Growing Concern
Jared Regier, Saskatoon, Sask.

A New Approach to Nature
Melissa Bollinger Seiling, St. Catherine’s, Ont.

Photos: At left, Susan Harrison releases a monarch butterfly at a farm in LaSalle, Ont., where the owner, Dick Wood, has allowed the land to naturalize, nurturing biodiversity including monarch and swallowtail butterflies. (Photo courtesy of Susan K. Harrison)

Below, Jared Regier displays some of the fruits of his labor: winter squash and garlic, ready for storage. (Photo courtesy of Jared Regier)