This webinar recording from January 9, 2020, is for pastors, creation care liaisons and others who want to glean inspiration for their own contexts. Our featured guest is Heather Wolfe, MCCN liaison at Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Fellowship. This congregation received MCCN’s 2019 Art and Jocele Meyer Award for exemplary creation care at the congregational level. Heather shares her step-by-step story of how and why her church has been active in this area. This includes a powerpoint showing activities chronologically. The index below can help you find the topic or clip you are looking for.

Nurturing a Culture of Creation Care

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up to 8:30, Meet Heather, the congregation and its context

8:30 to 12:00, How they began

12:00, Creation care plan

13:00, Green Cleaning

13:00, 16:38, 25:40, 31:40, 35:40, Solar panels

14:15, 21:00, Christian Education/study

15:00, 18:00, 22:00, Communication & outreach

15:20, Voluntary gas tax

20:00, 24:00, 33:00, Permaculture garden

23:00, 28:00, Nature Art

27:00, River Clean-up

29:00, Food

33:00, Climate Change Conversation

36:00 to 46:30, Reflections on the process and on the role of creation care liaison

46:30, Discussion begins