St. Jacobs Mennonite Church and its partner, Burning Bush Forest Church, both spent time caring for local rivers during the summer of 2018. Their efforts not only benefitted  both the Grand River and the Conestoga River: they also earned a $100 prize from MCCN for photos displaying a variety of gifts. Gardeners, teachers and naturalists lent a hand as well as the service-minded. 

The Conestoga River was a focal point for the St. Jacobs junior youth during Vacation Bible School. They held their sessions on the river and cleaned up trash on its banks. The river also played a role in their Bible study sessions. Adults took a reflective walk along the river and planted trees in its flood plain.  

Participants of the Burning Bush Forest Church immersed themselves in the Grand River, floating down a section in inner tubes. It was an occasion for prayer, education and reflection. They also cleaned up trash along the river.