The Union of Concerned Scientists has prepared a publication called Getting There Greener: A Guide to Your Lower Carbon Vacation that can help you decide how to travel. Their report analyzes and compares the carbon emissions produced by cars of different gas mileage, train, plane and bus depending on length of trip and number of travelers. In short, a motor coach bus is your best carbon bet under any circumstances. Here are a few other quick take-aways:

• One ill-planned vacation can be worse than a year’s worth of everyday miles.
• For one or two travelers, flying is usually better than putting an extra car on the road. Fly economy class and get a non-stop flight if you can.
• When driving, adjust your travel schedule to avoid congested times like Friday nights, which cut your fuel efficiency.
• If you must drive for your out-of-town vacation, consider renting a hybrid or a gas vehicle that is more efficient than your own for your trip.
See page 2 of Getting There Greener for a convenient, one-page guide.

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