From the AMBS website: AMBS-Kansas Center, in conjunction with Central Plains Mennonite Conference and Western District Conference, will be hosting a Rural Ministry Seminar this coming January. This seminar is presented by S. Roy Kaufman, author of Healing God’s Earth: Rural Community in the Context of Urban Civilization. This seminar will explore the unique mission of the church in a rural context and will include lecture, case studies, discussion groups, and a catered lunch. Cost is $39 per individual and $100 per congregation to bring an unlimited number of congregation members.

This seminar will be held in conjunction with a one-hour Rural Ministry seminary course taught by Kaufman. In addition to discussing the mission of a rural congregation, the course will explore preaching and pastoral care in a rural setting, as well as the prophetic calling of a rural congregation in the context of systemic issues that arise in a rural setting. This course is designed especially for pastors and congregational leaders in a rural context. This course is available for credit or audit.

To register or for more information, visit  Or contact if you have questions.