From the Creation Care Committee at Zion Mennonite Church of Souderton, PA

We have an active committee that is now addressing what has to be done to improve and sustain a healthy environment. Our work to that end here at Zion involves education of the congregation, being involved with the local community and working with church leaders to implement and assist with projects and procedures that will make our facilities more environmentally friendly and pleasing to God.

Our Creation Care Committee mission statement: We believe that all Christians are called to preserve and care for the health and beauty of the earth as it was created by God for the well-being and enjoyment of all mankind.

Listed below are some of the issues that we have addressed as well as some of the more recent activities that we are currently working on:

  • Recycling containers have been place at convenient spots throughout the church
  • Locations to take Items that have been identified as being recyclable are being advertised so that everyone can help with the total recycling effort.
  • The committee provides recycling Web site Links and other information about recycling efforts and locations in the overall community.
  • We are changing our use of Styrofoam products to bio degradable disposable cups and dishes.
  • We are collecting used shoes and sneakers forĀ  re-use through Shoes 2 Share or unusable sneakers to be recycled by Nike to make a resurfacing product.
  • We are collecting used bicycles to be donated to an organization that will repair them for resale to promote bike riding and create community.
  • We have a community garden that is currently being used by clients from a local food pantry.
  • The first Sunday after Earth Day we have a special church service highlighting different aspects of Creation Care and praising God for His wonderful creation.
  • We are working with the property committee to encourage replacing fallen trees with native species.
  • Some of our members will be part of a special committee to look for ways to reduce our churches energy use.
  • Information about Creation Care programs and instructions are now being published on the churches web site.