You’ve heard of Community-Supported Agriculture, but what about Community-Supported Music?

Brian Moyer Suderman, Willowgrove, Ontario, is a different kind of recording artist. He recognizes that much about the lifestyle of a professional musician can be damaging. Constant travel to long-distance concerts is hard on family relationships; it also consumes fossil fuels and puts carbon dioxide in the air.

Suderman’s approach to making a living as an artist is different. He chooses to perform primarily in his local community and runs a “CSM” entitled smallTall Music: Songs of Faith for Small and Tall. In Suderman’s version of Community Supported Music, households or congregations with an interest in his music pay an annual fee to receive regular deliveries of new songs, fresh from the producer.

“Community Supported Music is a way of structuring the artist-supporting community relationship, Suderman explains. “It is predicated on notions like enough and sustainability ; viability at a small scale and real community, in stark contrast to the underlying assumptions of the celebrity system.”

Suderman’s music grows out of a love for God, a passion for the church, and delight in singing with all ages. Folk music traditions from around the world influence his work. To learn more about smallTall music, go to On this web site, you can hear samples of Suderman’s songs, sign up to become a member of the smallTall CSM and read a thoughtful blog about Suderman’s experiences as a musician.

Suderman lives on a farm with his wife and son. They are members of Community Mennonite Church of Stouffville, Ontario.

Action Steps:

• Support local artists.

• Invite your congregation to join smallTall music.

• Consider CO2 emissions when deciding what arts events to attend.