Young adults from Mennonite colleges are linking up to collaborate on mutual passions in the areas of sustainability and climate. They’ve formed a network, now at 90 strong, written a vision and mission statement and started a newsletter. See their Facebook page. 

While college students are often active on environmental issues, their transience makes it difficult to sustain the work they began while in college. The leaders of a particular project may graduate and scatter, leaving no one behind to build on their work. The Sustainability Alumni Network (SAN) hopes to serve as a consistent resource for both current students at Mennonite schools and recent graduates.

Several working groups are in process, one of which is considering what advocacy issues they might want to pursue and how they might connect with other Mennonite groups such as Mennonite Creation Care Network. A representative will attend part of MCCN’s April council meeting in Goshen, Ind.

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