by Ronald J. Wyse

Ronald Wyse, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, devotes part of his retirement time to creation care. He offers stewardship moments to his congregation once a month and is involved with several environmental groups.

The Rock We Call Earth

Clinging to the apparently barren surfaces of the Rock We Call Earth, we find upon close inspection, a community of soil-building organisms worthy of our attention and appreciation. These little guys are busy creating a soft sponge of living soil out of the hard rock. The soil they make filters the water, holds the nutrients that sustains the life that supplies our food and fresh water. These organisms create the habitable environment of forest and meadow for the survival of 7.5 billion people, 5,513 species of mammals, 10,425 species of birds, 10,038 species of reptiles, 7,302 species of amphibians, 32,900 species of fish, 1,000,000 species of insects along with countless species of flowering plants and microscopic life.

The human population of the earth grows by about 80 million people each year while fresh, clean water, fossil fuels, forests and many other finite resources continually decline under the pressure of human use and abuse. Some tell us not to worry because there is plenty of everything in reserve to last another 100 years. A 100 years?! Then what? What about the generations to come who will still be seeking to follow after us? What about our grand, great-grand and great-great-grandchildren who will be seeking fertile soil, out of which to grow the food for their children long after we are gone?

We are all asked to be the stewards of the Earth. Please join me in answering that call. Learn what the Bible has to say about being a true steward and then put it into practice in your everyday life. Tell others how exciting it is when you do this because it is for the Glory of our Creator, not ourselves. You will find a more peaceful and healthier life and you will learn more each day about the greatness of Creator God. You will be blessed.