Mennonite Creation Care Network gained 59 new members at Mennonite World Conference in Harrisburg, PA, July 21 to 25. Most are from the U.S. Seven are from Canada, and nine more add perspectives from other continents. They come from Indonesia, Lesotho, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

MCCN staff offered three workshops at Mennonite World Conference. Two included Spanish translation. The participants pictured are sharing about their local contexts in a workshop entitled, “Watershed Discipleship: Understanding Each Other’s Environmental Challenges.” In one group, a Colombian man shared photos of his congregation protesting the actions of a corporation with regard to indigenous lands. Another concern brought to us during the week involved nuclear power and its capacity to cause long term environmental and human damage. “We need to develop our theology with regard to nuclear power,” a Japanese pastor told us, speaking about the Fukushima nuclear disaster.