Jennifer Schrock wrote this prayer for her own use during Advent. You are welcome to use it in public settings. For background on the Oak Flat situation, see MCCN’s Shared Practices page and the resources there.


A Prayer for Oak Flat

God of the desert–

God whom Hagar named “the God who sees me,”

look again. 

See the place where water flows,

nourishing ancient oak trees 

and the San Carlos Apache

come to gather acorns.

“Oak Flat” we say in English, 

But the Apache have a name 

more like music,

much older and wilder.  


It is easy to see our voracious need for copper:

In pipes, wires, wind generators, solar panels, hospitals.

The Apache tell us of beauty, history, peoplehood,

the presence of God.


We may not know Oak Flat, 

but we know Bethlehem.

We know Mount Sinai and the Swiss caves where Anabaptists worshipped; 

where people still sing hymns. 

Help us feel the pain of our brothers and sisters.


We have no solutions, only fervent prayer

For the San Carlos Apache

For the corporation, Resolution Copper

For You to act in ways that bring justice and peace. 

For a way forward beyond all imagining.


Jennifer Schrock