Please pray fervently for Oak Flat. This land in the Tonto National Forest east of Phoenix, Ariz., is sacred to the San Carlos Apache. It is also a beautiful desert oasis where water flows year round and people can camp or rock climb. Despite its history and original ownership, the US government threatens to transfer it to an international mining company, Resolution Copper.

Carol Rose of Shalom Mennonite Fellowship, Tucson, AZ, reports that there is a good chance that the US government will try to transfer the land before the end of the year. The company has already contracted for the cutting of the ancient oaks as soon as the land transfer happens. These trees that are crucial to the ecology and spiritual grounding of the valley are scheduled to become wine casks.

Please pray for a miracle–and justice for the San Carlos Apache. Joining the Apache in prayer for their land is an MCCN shared practice for the second half of 2020.